What is enelai platform

Enelai is an omni-channel Customer Experience platform for the design and implementation of Natural Language Understanding Voice Assistants & Chatbots.

Enelai can be the customers’ point of first contact for any Enterprise regardless of the digital channel employed (phone (IVR), Web, Mobile, Social Media and Messaging Apps).

Leveraging upon Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Voiceweb’s two decades of hands-on implementation expertise, Enelai is a functionality-rich platform, packed with cutting-edge CX capabilities, conversational automations and hundreds of ready-to-use building blocks for faster onboarding. It constitutes a comprehensive solution for enterprises wishing to offer a truly exceptional Customer Experience to consumers.

Use Cases

Use Cases for enelai’s Natural Language Understanding Voice Assistants & Chatbots

Omni-channel for a homogeneous CX

Contrary to today’s fragmented customer care offered by enterprises worldwide, enelai offers a homogeneous Customer Experience across all digital channels while reducing the time to market and the effort to maintain each channel individually.

The AI engine handles every customer’s request regardless of the digital channel it originates from. Enelai also provides the Enterprise with the ability to fully personalize the Customer Experience based on a user’s contact history and to collect data and Business Intelligence related to Consumer behavior and Journeys from all deployed channels. Additionally, all digital channels utilize the same infrastructure and resources allowing for an optimized resource allocation and therefore lower investment cost.

A single place to design & manage all your conversations

Enelai platform is the one single web-based environment where enterprises design and handle conversations across all their digital channels.

Moreover, the enelai open platform approach and robust APIs, allows Enterprises to augment and adapt its functionality by combining with the best of other major vendors: i.e. tools/services from Nuance, Google Machine Learning and Cloud Services, Microsoft Bot Framework, etc.

Language support

Supporting 110 languages with own-developed Deep Learning models or 3rd party speech to text recognition engines from Nuance and Google. Enelai open, non-proprietary platform facilitates the integration of 3rd party Recognition, NLP & Machine Learning libraries to best meet each project’s requirements

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