What is Enelaitm platform

Enelaitm is an omni channel Conversational AI design and delivery platform for implementation of Natural Language Understanding Voice Assistants & Chatbots for Customer Engagement as well as Interaction Analytics.

Enelaitm No Code Conversational AI platform leverages upon Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Generative AI technologies as well as Voiceweb’s two decades of hands on implementation expertise in NLP and CX projects.

Packed with cutting edge CX capabilities, conversational automations and ready to use building blocks for faster onboarding, Enelaitm constitutes a comprehensive solution for enterprises wishing to offer a truly exceptional Customer Experience to consumers.

Enelai platform

Multi purpose platform

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AI Virtual Assistant (chatbot)
with text and voice entry

For achieving very high self-service (>90%) and deflecting calls from the Call Center while greatly increasing Customer Satisfaction!

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AI Voice Biometrics
in IVR, Agents, Mobile Apps and web.

Powered by Machine Learning and boasting highest accuracy & correct results, increased security and self service while greatly improving the User Experience. Real time authentication in calls with Agents reduces AHT and improves the Contact Center’s SLA and numerous other KPIs.

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AI Conversational IVR

to increase self-service in the IVR (50% -55%) and improve the User Experience. Accurately route calls to the correct destination (e.g. agents skill group).  

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Speech & Text Analytics
with Sentiment Analysis

Analyzing calls (and texts) to evaluate Contact Center performance, the “Voice of the Customer”, identify potential sales opportunities, improve agents’ sales, effectiveness of the offers/campaigns and discover areas for improvement of Contact Center operations.

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Agent Assist

Monitor customer-agent calls and employ the power of Generative AI (LLMs) to assist your Customer Service Agents  by suggesting the best possible responses based on the context, sentiment and the customer’s request at each moment.

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Speech Transcription

Transcribe audio recordings or real-time calls and optionally analyze the texts to extract useful data, e.g. extract data from the audio recordings of customers while they agree to buy a product or service.

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Social Media Listening
with Sentiment Analysis

Monitor and analyze all posts on the internet (social media, blogs, news sites) in almost real time to identify and assess what is being posted about a company, an individual, a product or a service.

No Code Design Studio

Enelaitm Studio is packed with features from Voiceweb’s 20+ years of hands-on implementation expertise in developing complex Enterprise NLP projects. Enelaitm Studio offers much more than the average “bot builder” application allowing designers to easily create scenarios that may include even complex rules and logic. Adding custom code at certain points of a dialogue is also supported.

Auto FAQ builder and Auto Flow Builder leverage the power of LLMs to allow users to easily create FAQ dialogues and entire process flows by only providing a description of what the flow should do.

Generative AI (LLMs)

Boost CX, customer satisfaction and self service rate by generating human-like conversations with LLMs customized specifically for your operations.

Combine LLMs with Voiceweb’s own Machine Learning language models and utilize the model that best suits each use case.

Open platform

With Enelaitm platform, an Enterprise is not limited to one vendor’s CAI technologies and doesn’t need to address the interoperation between vendors. Enelaitm Studio allows you to choose between the available CAI vendors and language models (the best fit for each use case) or change a language model without having to deal with multiple vendors or having to address compatibility issues and without need to change all the existing dialogues & integrations.

A single place to design & manage all your conversations
Enelaitm platform is the one single web-based environment where enterprises design and handle conversations across all their digital channels.
Manage multiple bots & tenants
Enelaitm Studio allows you to create and manage multiple voice/chatbots and also to create bots for different tenants (e.g. for various departments or subsidiaries with separate reporting for each).