Our Story

As its name suggests, Voiceweb is solely focused on Contact Center technologies and has been one of the earlier pioneers of Speech & Natural Language Understanding for Customer Service since 2001 when these technologies were just emerging from R&D labs to commercially viable products & applications.

Leveraging the knowledge amassed during these 2 decades of designing and deploying a variety of customer service applications, Voiceweb has been repeatedly introducing breakthroughs in the Speech, NLP (and recently the AI) industry over the years, and is considered to be one of the industry pioneers worldwide.

Enterprises in 20 countries have trusted Voiceweb to assist them in applying a customer-centric communication approach, meeting their objectives and improving Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction. Utilizing and combining a multitude of emerging technologies in order to enable more natural, intuitive, human-like interactions, Voiceweb is committed to providing next generation interactive customer service to its clients so that they can enhance their relationship with their customers.

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Our team

Voiceweb has a proven success record of excellence in the area of conversational Customer Experiences, driven by our team’s scientific and technical proficiency.

Consisting of scientists with impressive credentials in their fields, extensive experience in NLP & ΑΙ products design as well as hands-on expertise in international Natural Language projects, our team combines the strengths of individuals from an array of backgrounds to envision, design, and develop the software products that put us at the forefront of our industry.