Enelaitm Studio

Enelaitm Studio is a No-Code dialogue design and collaboration tool packed with features from Voiceweb’s 20+ years of hands-on implementation expertise in developing complex Enterprise projects.

Enelaitm Studio offers much more than the typical “bot builder” application allowing designers to easily create any Voice or Chat-based conversational scenario that may even include complex rules, logic, backend integrations, and many more.

Design and delivery environment
in production, the designed flows are executed by Voiceweb Dialogue manager
Collaboration environment
Including User Management, Team Management and User Roles/Rights
Simulation & testing environment
for deployment of the dialogues in IVR, Chatbots, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Telegram and numerous others
Design dialogues with Speech Recognition, Text Input, menus / buttons / carousels (and other elements), Speaker Recognition (Voice Biometrics), Text to Speech (TTS), Generative AI (LLMs), Sentiment Analysis, OCR, and much more.
Multiple Conversational AI vendors
supports all AI technologies developed by Voiceweb and also cognitive services from other CAI vendors (Azure, Google, OpenAI, Meta and others) enabling Enterprises to use the same design & delivery environment while selecting the AI technology best-suited for each of their use case scenarios.
Receive/Send files to the users
Support for multiple tenants
Multiple bots per tenant
Multiple environments per bot
e.g. Production, Development, Testing.
Auto FAQ Builder
(with Generative AI)
Supports Generative AI (LLMs)
from OpenAI, Meta, Google and others, with tools for simple customization of the LLMs for each Enterprise’s content.
Conversational automations
Prebuilt NLU Intents and prebuilt flow samples to speed up design
Support for Customer Segments
Custom rules / logic
easily create rules or complex logic and even import custom code (if needed) for certain dialogue steps.
Integrations to Enterprise backend systems
including a simple interface (parameter based) to create any custom backend integration.
Pre-integrated with existing Enterprise software
Contact Center and Live Chat vendors’ products.
Import/Export the designed flows
Transfer to agents
with support for Segment-based routing or Intent-based routing (skill-based) and Contact Center working hours
Extensive language support
Supporting 110 languages with own-developed Machine Learning models for Speech & Text recognition, and optionally 3rd party models, Voiceweb’s open platform facilitates integration of 3rd party Recognition, NLP, Machine Learning and Generative AI models to best meet each Client’s unique requirements and each Use Case.
Speech Recognition accuracy
as low as 5% Word Error Rate for English language, and 6% for most of the other supported languages, for narrowband audios with noises (IVR and Contact center audios).
Pre-Built, industry specific Intents
Language agnostic, industry specific Intent Libraries and self-service dialogue samples streamline & accelerate the implementation of each AI-powered Virtual Assistant optimized for highest User Acceptance and results.
The industry specific Intents cover Telecom, Banking as well as general Customer Service Intents from various industries, paired with the essential disambiguation dialogues where needed.
Highest KPIs globally

With Enelai Studio and support from our consultants, our clients consistently achieve remarkable KPIs such as:


Chatbot Self-Service


Speech IVR Self-Service


NPS Promoter score


Speech Recognition Word Error Rate (WER)