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Explore enelaiTM platformfor Natural Language Understanding Voice Assistants & Chatbots,
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End-to-end omni-channel platform that automates customer care, customer on-boarding, interactive marketing, loyalty, offers and promotions over any enterprise digital channel such as IVR, web, mobile, messaging and social media, in order to enhance customer engagement while reducing operating costs. At the same time, all customer requests are handled by the same infrastructure and underlying technology, allowing for greatly improved resources utilization.

Achieved via numerous exclusive dialogue and language understanding features, as well as Enelai’s AI-based dialogue engine for human-like conversations that are generated for each user in real-time to create unsurpassed customer experiences. As a result, user acceptance exceeds 90%, all contact center metrics are significantly improved, while significant savings are materialized. Backed by Voiceweb’s commitment on KPIs and a success-based payment model that ensures a win-win relationship.

Voiceweb’s commitment to pre-agreed project KPIs and project budget (without mid-project change requests), as well as its ground-breaking billing models based on clear and predictable fees with no upfront payments ensure that all business objectives will be achieved, if not exceeded. Pricing is based on entire calls/chats from start to finish: the entire contact of a user with the Enterprise without charging based on individual usage. For instance, pricing is independent of call duration (3 of 15 minutes), individual-user recognition demands (5 or 20 phrases per call), or the amount and complexity of their requests (1, 3 or 10 actions requested by the user): the same fee will always be charged each time a user interacts with the Enterprise.

Enelai’s versatile architecture allows for plug-and-play when it comes to different technologies (i.e. NLU, Voice Biometrics, Emotion Detection) and technology providers (ASR, TTS, Analytics, IVR platforms, CRM etc.). Additionally, Enelai is not a black box:
Enterprises can configure the system’s behavior 100% by controlling the AI algorithms, the user experiences and all dialogues and flows.

Language agnostic, industry-specific prebuilt Libraries and dialogues accelerate implementation and are optimized for highest User Acceptance and increased results.
The enelai building blocks cover 650+ Telecom Intents, 430+ Banking Intents as well as general Customer Service Intents from various industries, along with sample multi-turn dialogues to modify and adapt as needed in your project.

Since 2001, Voiceweb has delivered more than 130 Customer Service, Sales/Marketing and VAS systems to Enterprises in the Telecommunications, Financial Services, Insurance, Energy, Entertainment and other industries throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australia.

Over 150 million consumers had their requests successfully serviced by an automated Virtual Assistant created with Enelai platform. The insights and feedback collected from each client project are fed back into Enelai as new functionalities & capabilities.

Supporting 110 languages with own-developed Deep Learning models and 3rd party recognition engines. Voiceweb’s open, non-proprietary platform facilitates integration of 3rd party Recognition, NLP & Machine Learning products/libraries to best meet each project’s unique requirements.

Enelai platform can be deployed fully on-premise, on private cloud, on public cloud, or in a hybrid deployment depending on the organization’s operational, security, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

Voiceweb’s continuous improvement and optimization services are provided as part of each usage-based service plan without any additional monthly fees. These services include constant analysis of end-to-end users’ behavior and the effectiveness of the dialogue, consulting for product improvements and resilience in upcoming changes, as well as additional proposals for UX and UI optimizations which maximize the benefits for the Enterprise and the user experience.

Voiceweb’s extensive product vision and roadmap coupled with bi-annual updates to deliver new capabilities to existing clients, guarantees that Enelai adopters will always offer cutting-edge experiences to their clients.

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