Generative AI for Customer Service

Boost CX, customer satisfaction and self-service rate by generating human-like conversations with LLMs customized specifically for your operations.

Voiceweb provides LLMs from OpenAI, Meta, Google, TII (and others) depending on the requirements and target language of each client’s project. Combine LLMs with Voiceweb’s own Machine Learning language models and utilize the model that best suits each use case.

Emphasis on personal data protection
and data privacy:

Personal data (PII) and other sensitive information are removed before ingested into the LLM. Voiceweb also provides LLMs that can be hosted in each Client’s data center (or private cloud infrastructure)

Enhanced Agent Assist

Employ the power of Generative AI (LLMs) to guide your Customer Service Agents by suggesting the best possible responses during a conversation based on the context, sentiment and customer’s request at each moment.

Personalized Responses

Rephrase and personalize voice/chatbot outputs on the fly to match the conversation history and customer sentiment. Generate human-like responses that resonate with your customers.

Auto FAQ Builder

utilizes the power of Gen AI to automatically create FAQ-type conversation flows for your voice/chatbot by only providing documents (e.g. PDFs) and accelerates time-to-launch of your Virtual Assistants.