OmniChannel self-service

Conversational IVR and Chatbots


Chatbot Self-Service

from 88% to 95%


Speech IVR Self-Service

from 50% to 58%


NPS Promoter score

from 60% to 65%


Speech Recognition WER
(Word Error Rate)

from 5% to 7%

Voiceweb Customer Service Conversational IVR and chatbots utilize artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and natural language understanding (NLU) to complete customer requests & tasks or answer their questions.

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With Voiceweb ENELAI platform, Enterprises can deploy feature-rich Conversational IVRs and chatbots that will:

achieve highest self-service
ENELAI platform includes numerous features to achieve highest self-service rates (typically 88% - 95%) ensuring that all business goals will be fulfilled –even exceeded.
reduce load from agents, AHT and improve the Contact Center’s SLA
increase Issue Resolution and reduce Repeat Callers
15% to 19% increase in First Call Resolution and 18% to 25% drop in Repeat Calls
deliver high Customer Satisfaction
Typically 8.5+ CSAT score and 60% to 65% NPS
deflect calls from the call center to chatbot
14% to 16% of the contact center callers will start using the chatbot (instead of calling) during the first 6 months from deployment; increasing up to 25% within the first 12 months.
Speech Recognition accuracy
Whether speech is deployed for IVR or a Chatbot, Voiceweb speech models will deliver as low as 5% Word Error Rate for English language, and 6% for most of the other supported languages, even for narrowband audios with noise (IVR and Contact Center audios).
Open Conversational AI platform
Voiceweb AI, Azure and Generative AI supported: utilize the AI model that best-fits each use case. Voiceweb AI models consistently deliver the highest KPIs (e.g. the lowest Word Error Rate), yet there are cases where LLMs’ generative capability is the best fit. The platform’s versatile architecture allows for plug-and-play utilization of different technologies (e.g. NLU/NLP, Voice Biometrics, Sentiment Analysis, Speech Analytics, RPA) and technology providers (ASR, TTS, IVR platforms, CRMs etc.).
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