200+ customer service and
CX projects implemented

320+ million calls/chats
handled each year

Since 2001, Voiceweb has delivered 200+ Customer Service, Sales/Marketing and VAS-related projects to Enterprises in the Telecommunications, Financial Services, Insurance, Energy, Entertainment and other industries throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australia…

By delivering unequaled KPI results for the convenient & personalized Experience the users seek, Enelaitm is boosting numerous Contact Center metrics:

  • Self-Service rate
  • Issue Resolution
  • First Contact Resolution
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Lower AHT (Handling time)
  • Lower Hold times
  • Customer Retention
  • Improved Cross-Sales Success rate

Case Studies

Telecom Operator with 60 million calls per year

Major telco deployed our seamless customer engagement platform offering self-service options for most Intents, and reducing agent handling time. 

  • Self-service reached 56% within 6 months – increased more than 230% 
  • Speech recognition accuracy 94% (6% WER) – over 900 Intents covered 
  • 12% immediate drop in the number of inbound calls due to increased Call
  • Resolution
  • Contact Center’s Average Handling Time (AHT) was decreased by 18%

Bank with 6.5 million calls per year

Increased self-service and IVR containment, while seamlessly transitioning customers from the IVR to the Virtual assistant (chatbot) in the website.

  • 86% call containment
  • 93% correct recognition (7% Word Error Rate)
  • 11% increase in First Call Resolution
  • 94% successful completion of the self-service dialogues
  • 19% drop in customers’ Repeat Calls
  • 16% of IVR calls are deflected to the Web Chatbot

Telecom Operator Chatbot – 7 million chats per year

Major telco deployed our chatbot on multiple digital channels for customer service, sales promotion and campaigns.

  • 92% self-service in the chatbot
  • 13% decrease in the inbound calls of the call center
  • 65% Promoters in NPS surveys
  • 3.5% of chats include purchases (airtime, upgrades, campaigns and others)

Voice Biometrics 2-factor authentication in Banking

Major Bank deployed our AI Voice Biometrics to be used as an authentication factor during customer authentication in IVR

  • 88% successful user authentication (2-factor) completed in the IVR
  • AHT (Average Handling Time) was decreased by 51 sec
  • average talk-time of the agent per call was decreased by 40 sec
  • 16% increase in customer satisfaction (CSAT surveys)
fewer calls
Correct Recognition
Completion of self-service dialogues
calls delfected to web chatbot
Correct Recognition
Fewer calls in Contact Center
NPS Score
Authentication completed in IVR
Decrease of AHT
Increase in Customer Satisfaction