Conversational AI for omni-channel customer engagement

Enelaitm No-Code Conversational AI
platform leveraging upon Artificial
Intelligence, Machine Learning and
Generative AI technologies as well as
Voiceweb’s two decades of hands-on
implementation expertise in NLP and
CX projects.

enelai monitor calls

Enterprise-grade multi-purpose CAI platform

AI Virtual Assistant (chatbot)

with text and/or voice entry. For >90% self service and high satisfaction

AI Voice Biometrics

For users authentication and KYC in IVR, Agent calls, Mobile Apps and web

Agent Assist

employ AI to provide guidance to your Customer Service agents


Speech Transcription

Transcribe real-time calls or audio recordings

AI Conversational IVR

for 50% - 55% self-service and correct routing of calls

Speech & Text Analytics

Analyze calls and texts to extract meaningful business intelligence

Social Media Listening

Monitor and analyze posts on Social Media, blogs, news

Achieving record KPIs in Customer Service applications

>50% self-service
in Conversational

88% to 95%
self-service in

NPS score:
60% to 65%

Telecom Operator with 60M calls per year

fewer calls
Correct Recognition

AI Chatbot at major Telecom Operator

fewer calls
Correct Recognition

AI Machine Learning Speech Recognition

AI Machine Learning Speech Recognition models optimized for high accuracy even with low-bandwidth audios (e.g. IVR audios). Voiceweb Speech Recognition can be deployed in IVR, in Chatbots, Mobile Apps, Speech Analytics applications and also stand-alone (for transcriptions) BERT-based NLP Semantic models with Active Learning for minimum data labelling and human supervision. Voiceweb acoustic & semantic language models are easy to fine-tune for each company’s operations (with each organization’s data) in order to deliver highest recognition accuracy.

Speech Recognition accuracy: as low as 5% Word Error Rate
(depending on the language and the application domain)

Since 2001:
2+ decades
of experience
in NLP and CX

customer service
and CX projects

320+ million
handled each

Generative AI (LLMs) for Customer Self-Service

Boost CX, customer satisfaction and self-service rate by generating human-like conversations with LLMs customized specifically for your operations.

Combine LLMs with Voiceweb’s own Machine Learning language models and utilize the model that best suits each use case.

faster flow

Emphasis on personal data protection and data privacy:. Personal data (PII) and other sensitive information are removed before ingested into the LLM. Voiceweb also provides LLMs that can be hosted in each Client’s data center (or private cloud infrastructure)

Auto FAQ Builder utilizes the power of Gen AI to automatically create FAQ-type conversation flows for your voice/chatbot by only providing documents (e.g. PDFs) and accelerates time-to-launch of your Virtual Assistants.

Personalized Responses
Rephrase and personalize voice/chatbot outputs on the fly to match the conversation history and customer sentiment. Generate human-like responses that resonate with your customers.
Enhanced Agent Assist
Employ the power of Generative AI (LLMs) to guide your Customer Service Agents by suggesting the best possible responses during a conversation based on the context, sentiment and customer’s request at each moment.

Open Conversational AI platform

With Enelaitm open platform an Enterprise is not limited to one vendor’s CAI technology and/or language models.

Combine Generative AI (LLMs) with Voiceweb’s or other CAI vendors’ language models and utilize the model that’s the best fir for each of your use cases.

Enelai Studio allows mixing & matching CAI technologies and language models as needed, and even changing later to another CAI vendor’s model if needed.

enelai monitor calls

Frequent platform updates (every 3 months) deliver new capabilities to existing clients including support for more CAI vendors as new technologies or language models become available, guaranteeing that Enelai adopters will always be able to offer cutting-edge experiences to their users.

Enelai Studio

more than just a design tool

Enelai Studio is a No-Code dialogue design, delivery and collaboration tool packed with features from Voiceweb’s 20+ years of hands-on implementation expertise in developing complex Enterprise NLP projects. Enelai Studio offers much more than the average “bot builder” application allowing designers to easily create any scenario that may include even complex rules and logic.

enelai dashboard v1-changes

Integrations and deployment

Omni-channel deployment

Deploy AI Agents in IVR, Web pages, Mobile Apps, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Telegram, Apple Business Messages, RCS, SMS and more…


Seamlessly integrate to existing systems such as UI Path, Automation Anywhere, Salesforce, OpenAI, Azure, AWS, RingCentral, Zendesk, Avaya, NICE, Google Cloud, Genesys, Cisco, Microbase and more…

Design and implementation services

“Do it yourself” or create a joint team of experts from Voiceweb and your organization. Our consultants work closely with our clients -often coming to be thought of more an internal employees rather than external specialists- in order to truly understand each customer’s specific business environment and culture, facilitate the free flow of information and ideas, and ultimately deliver a high-quality digital solution that fully meets and exceeds all customer expectations

Staying always at the forefront

Voiceweb’s continuous improvement and optimization services include constant analysis of the end users’ behavior and the effectiveness of the deployed dialogues, as well as consulting for product improvements and resilience in upcoming changes. Additionally, our conversation experts’ proposals for CX/UX and UI optimizations maximize the benefits for the Enterprise and maintain the User Experience to the highest level for years after the initial launch.

Extensive language support

Supporting 110 languages with own-developed Deep Learning models for Speech & Text recognition, and optionally 3rd party models, Voiceweb’s open platform facilitates integration of 3rd party Recognition, NLP & Machine Learning models to best meet each Client’s and each Use Case unique requirements.

Live Chat for agents

Utilize the feature-rich LiveChat for Agents of Enelaitm platform or use one of the pre-integrated chats from Genesys, Zendesk, Sunshine Communications, RingCentral, Intercom and others.

Unrestricted deployment options

Enelai platform can be deployed fully on-premise, on private cloud, on public cloud, in Voiceweb’s Cloud, or in a hybrid deployment depending on each organization’s operational, security, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

Reporting & Analytics

Over 150 metrics and analytics are pre-built and provided out of the box. Additional reports can easily be created by your team (or ours) using the design tools, pre-built templates and integrations of Elastic and Kibana.

Trusted by Industry Leaders globally