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VoiceWeb successfully completed 2nd year’s deliverables of the EU research project “Machine-Aided Methods for Spoken Dialogue System Enhancement and Customization for Call-Center Applications”(SpeDial)and presented its results at the Final Project Review

VoiceWeb participated to the EU project “Machine-Aided Methods for Spoken Dialogue System Enhancement and Customization for Call-Center Applications” (SpeDial).
The objective of the project, which started two years ago and has just been completed, was to use all the mature technologies and partner’s expertise to provide a service-doctoring platform that will enhance the deployed services of voice platforms.
The SpeDial platform is the result of the excellent collaboration between academic (ATH-Innovation, TSI-TUC, KTH and INESC-ID) and industry (VoiceWeb and NuEcho) partners and has brought to the speech analytics market an innovative solution with value added characteristics:  
  • Identification of hot-spots and automatic suggestions for call-flow structures or recognition enhancements
  • Emotion detection and re-prompting based on the caller’s behavior
  • Ability to automatically customize voice application for specific user populations
The final review of the project took place on the 14th of January 2016 in Luxembourg with Katerina Louka, Senior Speech Project Manager, presenting on behalf of VoiceWeb the consortium’s work on the project’s dissemination towards the industry and academia, the commercial exploitation and the management of its intellectual property.

For further information on the Spedial platform, please visit the site of the program at
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