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VoiceWeb concludes another Innovative Mobile Campaign with Unprecedented Success

June 2015
Mobile Markerting campaigns focused on trivia have become a commodity the past years. Operators have seen their profits decreasing and there is no real differentiation between the offerings of providers. On the other hand, consumers are tired of getting spammed as well as being asked elementary and easy-going questions. To simplify things, lets just say that the extreme competition is creating an unwinnable race to the bottom.

VoiceWeb, has seen this coming for many years; thus was prepared to handle this situation. Its newly developed EASE platform took us three years to develop and its main purpose was to handle new types of promotions, never seen before in Mobile Marketing Industry.

EASE was the platform of choice on our latest promotion which lasted for 100 days and due to its unprecedented success was given an extension for 30 days.

The results were astonishing, they actually competed to the results when this industry was at its first steps and even surpassed those. The concept that was followed was based on gaming and at the same time created an amazing Marketing buzz which resulted in a huge brand promotion for the operator accompanied by a minimum financial risk. Reduced churn, new subscribers; you name it.

To cut things short and because numbers speak for themselves we managed to engage almost 50% of the subscriber base of the Operator while a number close to 20% participated every single day for the entire promotion. The Average revenues skyrocketed to 25,000$ per day. Gaming, Loyalty, EASE Platform. The future is here.

For more information, please contact:
Dimitrios Lidis
Director of Mobile Unit
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