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Awarded Interactive Multi-Channel Digital Marketing with the use of Speech technologies for COSMOTE, powered by Ogilvy One and VoiceWeb S.A.

The innovative use of an interactive voice portal, implemented by OgilvyOne in collaboration with VoiceWeb having as a main feature the reliable understanding of free speech, was the main idea behind the multichannel Digital Marketing Campaign "Truth or Lies" held by Cosmote and which was also given the Ermis 2014 award .
Leveraging VoiceWeb’s multiannual experience and the impressive know-how in designing and developing speech applications, based on Nuance Communications voice technologies, Ogilvy One, created this innovative, interactive, multi-channel campaign for Cosmote.
Players who participated in the campaign "Truth or Lies" were entertained by the belief that the IVR interactive voice portal not only recorded and understood, totally and immediately, the meaning of the free dialog established  but also recognized the lie in their voices.At the end of the game, the anchorman confessed the truth revealing that for the verification of responses a friend of the player had helped providing the answers via Facebook. The game became viral in the Internet and received enthusiastic reviews.
The innovation transfused by the use of automatic speech recognition technology, was one of the success factors, contributing to the mass acceptance by the users, exceeding 120.000 unique players
The project was honored with the Ermis Silver award for Online Video & Interactive Video, in the Ermis Digital category and the Ermis Bronze award for the Digital & Direct Marketing, Social Audience in a Digital Campaign, in the Ermis Direct category.
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